Restaurant Expert Management, Inc.

Restaurant Expert Management manages and consults for restaurant concepts. We know what it takes to create outstanding restaurants because we’ve been perfecting all aspects of restaurant operations for more than 26 years! When you need to improve, grow, transform or just wish to bring an idea through development, our experience meets your needs.

• Recruiting and training of all management staff
• On-going supervision of all daily operations
• Determination and implementation of policies, procedures and training
     for all staff
• Facilities
• Lease procurement and maintenance - facilities and equipment
• Design and and supervision of construction projects
• Food menu development, testing and training
• Evaluation of national purchasing contracts to benefit individual locations

• Promotional campaigns
• Design, production and placement of all media ads
• Design and production of all in-house promotional pieces
• Supervision of local public relations efforts
• Design, production and maintenance of all menus and wine lists

• General ledger accounting
• Budgeting
• Financial statement production (weekly, monthly, annually)
• Theoretical cost data and inventory control for all food and drink products • Financial analysis
• Monitoring local, regional and national economic conditions that could  
     affect operations
• Accounts payable
• Invoice processing through payment
• Vendor negotiations on payment schedules and disputes
• Cash management (cash and accounts receivable controls)
• Negotiating merchant services agreements and maintaining relationships
     with processors
• Human resources and payroll
• Staff training on restaurant accounting procedures
• Internal audit
• Forms 941, 940, W-2
• Form 8027 (tip reporting)
• Valuation disputes
• Short and long-term capital requirements
• Lender negotiation